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VoIP without Computer

Linux - GPL Information

The Linux-based firmware used in the Targa DIP Phone 450 includes program components licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Targa uses these program components under the specific terms of the GPL. Targa has listed the program components used together with the relevant license information. The source code can be downloaded here.   
 Linux-GPL Download

With the Targa DIP Phone 450, you don’t even need a PC to start making internet phone calls. If you like flexibility, then you’ll love how easy it is to switch between internet and fixed-line calls. Just press a button. It’s that easy, especially thanks to plug-and-play convenience too.
The Targa DIP Phone 450  proves that cutting-edge technology can also be brilliantly easy to use. Without the need for a PC, you simply plug-in the Targa DIP Phone 450 to your phone connection and in a few steps you can start phoning over the internet to everybody around the world. Conveniently select the internet telephony provider you prefer on the handset’s illuminated display. No matter what, you’re assured Targa’s Quality of Service (QoS) for superb internet telephony quality.
VoIP doesn’t get any easier than that.